Nünegg Castle Ruin

Discover the towering castle ruin Nünegg in Lieli / Hohenrain.
One of the most beautiful and best located castle ruins in the canton of Lucerne.
After the extensive restoration of 2014-2016 it's worth a visit, the listed landmark appears in new splendor. 

The castle was the headquarters of the Lords of Lieli, who were first mentioned in 1223 as servants of the Kyburg. The construction analysis during the restoration showed that the castle, contrary to previous assumptions has emerged in a single construction phase in the second half of the 13th Century.
After that it must have been heavily rebuilt at least once.
After the Lords of Lieli the castle changed the owner several times. In the turmoil of the Battle of Sempach of 1386 it finally burst into flames like many other castles in Lucerne.
The canton Lucerne acquired the castle Nünegg together with the castle Heidegg around 1700.