Riding to the top of the 1,900-meter Mount Stanserhorn with the wind in your hair, the blue sky above you and a fantastic 360° panorama: that was the concept of the new cable car.
A crazy idea? Maybe, but today we can see that it was a thoroughly viable one. The double-decker cable car has an open upper deck.

The so-called “CabriO” cable car is the world’s first cable car with a roofless upper deck. The comfortable double-decker is the very latest in cable car technology. The lower level (with windows going almost from wall-to-wall) has space for 60 people. From there, an elegant staircase leads up to the sun deck, which offers room for about 30 people. The guests can enjoy 360° panoramic views as well as the fresh mountain air. The car moves on two side-mounted support cables – a technological innovation of Garaventa AG, a Swiss cable car company based in central Switzerland.