Get to know the elements of wind and water on a sporty yacht.
To lead a sailboat independently, it requires a lot of knowledge and security. To achieve this, the sailing school Hallwilersee offers a comprehensive and professional training as a sailor.
Do not hesitate and try it out!

You learn to sail from scratch. You will be introduced into several maneuvers like turning, circular maneuvers, man overboard, putting on and taking off.
Wind and weather belong to the training program.

Up to the required examinations, you, as a future sailor, will be accompanied in a collegial atmosphere by competent sailing instructors. During this time a lot of knowledge about the fascinating sport will be conveyed.

From the Hallwilersee to the open sea: The training at the SSH leads you to the open sea license. The theory course takes place during the winter months. Experienced skippers will accompany you on training trips in many beautiful sailing areas.