Delphin Hotel

Enjoy the fantastic view of the Hallwilersee and be pampered from the kitchen and cellar. Retractable windows provide a unique and cozy atmosphere for a romantic dinner.
The place is known as an excellent seafood restaurant with no compromises.

The imaginative fish creations are the pride of the kitchen and shape the reputation of the house. However, the restaurant also offers delicious meat dishes and fine vegetarian delicacies.
The dolphin is already in the fourth generation of the family and this with its own fishing and fish farming. This guarantees fresh, healthy fish. The excellent fish cuisine is confirmed by the predicate "Golden Fish".

The fish comes fresh from the lake on the plate. The offer varies depending on the catch and season: whitefish, perch and zander, as well as pike and smoked fish. The fish, which is artfully prepared and presented to you, comes from the in-house fish farm with modern seawater filtration and sterilization technology. This ensures that you can enjoy a tasty, original Hallwiler sea fish..