Toni's Zoo

Experience animals up close.
This is the motto of Toni's Zoo in Rothenburg.
The small zoo has 96 species of animals. Many animals can be fed and sometimes touched.
The stars are the two cheetahs who are used to humans and sometimes you can manage to pet them.

In spring, the young attract many zoo visitors. The small zoo is particularly careful that each animal has a species-appropriate life and still allow close access to the animals. 





Among the animals that children and parents can get closer to are donkeys, mini-horses, pygmy goats, camels, llamas, alpacas, as well as:

  • Wildcats: Tame Cheetah, Servals from Africa, Black Panther, Leopard
  • Ape species: Barbary macaques, kattas, marmoset monkeys, squirrel monkeys, capuchin monkeys, guereza, red-sanded tamarins
  • Bird species: Toucans from Honduras, many beos and parrots, various cockatoos, crowned pigeons, owls, ostriches, nandus, peacocks and many others
  • Reptils: Crocodiles, iguanas, many snakes and lizards

A special attraction for children and parents is undoubtedly camel riding accompanied by an experienced guide, who also tells a lot of interesting facts about these animals.