Campsite Today

The capacity of the campsite offers space for 103 permanent tenants, who are bound by rental agreement to the provisions of the operating license.
For tourists, the facility offers space for 50 caravans and 36 tent sites. In addition to the 103 permanent tenants, we have recorded between 7 and 8,000 overnight stays on the campsite during one season, depending on the weather.
The seasonal operation is open from April 1st to October 31st. 

Opening Bar Seeblick

The Bar Seeblick is ceremoniously opened.

The bar is open due to the weather in the months of June to August.

New Shop Management

Antigona Waser takes over shop management.

The shop offers a wide range for the daily needs of a camping holiday.

Restoration of Buildings

In the spring of 1991, we are ready to open the newly built sanitary area and on the first floor the dormitory as well as the new store and the caretaker's flat.

Gas Explosion

The campsite is devastated by a gas explosion on 2 August 1989 in such a way, that toilet and washing room have to be set up for the guests in a cleaning container. 


In the main season the plant is filled for years, legally or rightfully to the main road with caravans and tents.
In 1981, two citizens of the municipality Mosen raise objections at the cantonal office and in the protection of nature and homeland, whereupon the plant must be reduced to the current size. 

The Foundation

You quickly realize that camping is more than just making potatoes.
The men Werner Wüest as landlord and farmer and Franz Willi as farmer and head of the communal council go the whole hog. The Camping Seeblick AG is founded in 1970 according to the model of the Expo 64 campsite.
As the first groundskeeper, the family Adolf Fölmli from Altwis ensures that everything is in order.

The Beginning

The impetus for the creation of a campsite in Mosen is the Expo 1964 in Lausanne. But long before that, during the holiday season, tents were set up in the meadow of the Restaurant Kreuz. More and more families from the city of Basel and Zurich come to Mosen on the weekends to recharge their batteries at Lake Hallwil.
The stay is paid directly in the Restaurant Kreuz. Anyone who thinks they can bypass this fee, the village policeman of Aesch makes them to get a move on.
There is a toilet and a shower in the barn of Restaurant Kreuz that still exist today.