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Coffee cream cover series by Emmi

The Seetaler dragons cavort in the whole Switzerland! In the next 2-3 months, 40 million coffee cream are in circulation. The printed website provides information about the diverse region of Seetal. A contest announces the Dragon Valley and its Facebook page. A heartfelt thank you to the Hotel Restaurant Eichberg and the shipping company Hallwilersee for the kite-strong and enjoyable prices.


School classes and groups welcome

The Drachental Seetal is ideal as an extracurricular place of learning. There is so much to explore! From the school year 19/20 three different excursions for school classes and groups can be booked. The group is traveling with a dragon researcher of Dracology College personally! Preparation and follow-up as well as the excursions are linked to the syllabus. A research booklet is also included.

All information about the didactic material, costs and booking of the Drachental school package is listed on the Website. 


Save the date: Drachental party 3. May 2020

A beautiful event with fabulous 1400 visitors is a few months behind us. The Drachental party takes place in cooperation with the Museum Aargau again. The date May 3, 2020 in the Hallwyl Castle best now already in the agenda. It will again be a brilliant start to the dragon research summer.