Above Hochdorf, on the south-eastern slope of the Lindenberg, is the small town of Hohenrain with the proud commandery of Knight of St. John of Jerusalem. From afar the commandary looks almost like a small historic town. The tower Roten is a testimony from the time of the Knights.

It was founded around 1100 AD in Jerusalem, the Knights of St. John are considered the oldest religious order of knights. The commandary reached its heyday in the 13th century, when it was pilgrims hostel and administrative center of a vast estates in the Seetal and its wider surroundings.
At that time, the religious priests looked after the parishes Aesch, Abtwil, Dietwil, Hohenrain / Kleinwangen, Römerswil and Seengen, which belonged to the future.
The most impressive testimony of the age of the knights is the residential tower, which was built between 1150 and 1490. The blood-red tower still adorns the municipal coat of arms of Hohenrain.
The Commandery today is a proud cultural asset of national importance.