Thanks to the lovely topography, the Seetal offers hikes and walks for fancier.
Some of the 22 hiking trails offer a splendid view of the Alps.
Others lead through lovely vineyards or along a beautiful castle garden.
Lets lace up the shoes! 

The glacial Reuss glacier has done a great job. Forcing and retreating several times, he leveled a flat valley in the north-south direction between the Alps and the Jura: the Seetal. Only in two terrain troughs did the ice remain long after the Ice Age. Today there are the Baldeggersee and Hallwilersee.
The valley has much to offer to the eye. Two over 800-year-old castles, the water castle Hallwyl and the height castle Heidegg. If you like you can relax in between the hikes with a boat trip.